If you are thinking of exporting from China to UK or importing from UK to China, you need to see the experts. In shipping and forwarding business, it is all about the contacts and knowing the right people to handle your shipment in the best possible way.


Part of our business is concentrated on China and Amazon delivery and we are pleased to provide you with bespoke logistics management solutions. About us

Our Promise
In addition to no hidden costs, as a UK freight forwarder with years of experience we can provide you with a good quality service.

We can deal with consolidated goods coming into the UK, custom clearance and distribution services via DPD or your preferred courier companies and handle your parcels delivery in the UK an Europe.

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Time is money and we understand customers require urgent delivery therefore we expedite your shipment without delay.

We offer:

  • CHINA to UK LCL sea freight
  • CHINA to UK FCL sea freight
  • UK to CHINA LCL sea freight
  • UK to CHINA FCL sea freight
  • Amazon FBA Service: We are proud to be one of the leading freight forwarders in the UK offering specialised logistics services for Amazon’s FBA to freight forwarders, brokers, Amazon sellers and suppliers.
  • UK bonded warehouse & storage facility with distributions as well as packing services.
  • You have ordered your goods from a factory in China and need an agent to collect and deliver into the UK
  • You are planning to send your goods from Europe to China.
  • UK Imports: Your agent has arranged an export from China to the UK and you just need clearance and delivery in the UK.
  • All the above services are applicable for air freight, sea freight, either full container or LCL services.
  • E-commerce: Outsource your e-commerce logistics activity in UK for a reliable, flexible and economically high-performance supply chain.

Importing goods from China

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1- Correct Customs Information

Having the correct customs information is critical. The shipping paperwork such as bills of lading, ID labels invoices and packing lists must include the following information: In the case of the commercial invoice you must show the authorised sender and receiver’s full address information, a clear description of the goods and what they are made of and the quantity of the goods being imported and a very clear value of the goods. A fully typed invoice is required with no hand writing.

2- VAT Number – EORI Approved

Along with the above information an importer must also ensure his company VAT number is EORI approved. This stands for Economic Operator registration identification. There is a simple online form to complete that YSD can forward to you.

3- Calculating Import Tariffs

Let us look at import tariffs and duty rates. It is very important to understand that different products have very different import duties attached to them. You can contact Revenue and Customs or you can use our guide below which gives a broad idea of various import duty rates. We want to stress this is a very important step to understand and this will give you a clear costing platform.

4- Importing from China Services

Finally, don’t just take the first quote you receive from an agent or Freight Forwarding company. At YSD we don’t just promote our services based on price but also on what we can give to our client with regard to our knowledge and experience and a personal service.

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